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اسم دختر-اسامی دختر آلمانی
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Thread: اسم دختر-اسامی دختر آلمانی

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    Default اسم دختر-اسامی دختر آلمانی

    اسم های دختر آلمانی
    شاید خیلی از اسم های زیر را شنیده باشید ولی از ملیت آن خبر نداشته اید

    Maddalen (Magnificent)
    Maddalena (Magnificent)
    Maddalene (Magnificent)
    Maddalyn (Magnificent)
    Madelhari (War counselor)
    Mady (Maiden)
    Maganhildi (Strong battle maiden)
    Magd (Maiden)
    Magnhilda (Strong battle maiden)
    Magnild (Strong battle maiden)
    Magnilda (Strong battle maiden)
    Magnilde (Strong battle maiden)
    Mal (Army counsellor)
    Mala (Battle maiden)
    Malene (Magnificent)
    Malin (Army counsellor)
    Mallorey (Army counsellor)
    Mallorie (Army counsellor)
    Mallory (Army counseler)
    Mallory (Army counselor)
    Mally (Army counsellor)
    Malori (Army counsellor)
    Malory (Army counsellor)
    Mara (Eternal, Immortal)
    Marelda (Famous battle maiden)
    Margo (Variant of Margaret)
    Margret (German form of Margar)
    Margrit (Pearl)
    Marhilda (Famous battle maiden)
    Marhildi (Famous battle maiden)
    Maria (Bitter)
    Mariel (Bitter sea)
    Marilda (Famous battle maiden)
    Maritza (Of the sea)
    Marla (Child of light, Bitter)
    Marlene (Child of light, bitter)
    Marlie (Child of light, Bitter)
    Marlina (Woman from Magdala)
    Marlis (Bitter)
    Marlisa (Bitter)
    Marly (Child of light, Bitter)
    Mathild (Mighty battle maiden)
    Mathilda (Mighty battle maiden)
    Mathilde (Mighty battle maiden)
    Matilda (Battle maiden)
    Matilde (Strong in war)
    Maud (Strength in battle)
    Maud (Strength for battle)
    Maude (Strength for battle)
    Maudie (Strength for battle)
    Melia (Flatterer, industrious)
    Melicent (Industrious, Strength)
    Melly (Industrious, Strength)
    Mili (Industrious, Strength)
    Milla (Industrious)
    Millicent (Industrious, strength)
    Millicent (Industrious, Strength)
    Millie (Strength: determinati)
    Millisent (Industrious, Strength)
    Milly (Industrious, Strength)
    Mina (Love)
    Minda (Love)
    Mindy (Love)
    Minetta (Love)
    Minette (Love)
    Minna (Love)
    Minne (Love)
    Mitzi (Pet name for Mary and)
    Monika (Variant of Mona madon)
    Morgen (Morning)
    Morgen (Morning)
    Mukki (Variant of Michelle)
    Myna (Love)
    Nadetta (The courage of a bear)
    Nadette (The courage of a bear)
    Nadina (The courage of a bear)
    Nadine (The courage of a bear)
    Nadja (Hope)
    Nixie (Water sprite)
    Nixie (Little water sprite)
    Norberaht (Bright heroine)
    Norberta (Blond hero)
    Norberta (Bright heroine)
    Norberte (Bright heroine)
    Nordica (From the north)
    Nordica (From the north)
    Nordika (From the north)
    Norna (From the north)
    Nyx (Sprite)
    Oda (Elfin spear)
    Odelette (Little wealthy one)
    Odelia (Little wealthy one; p)
    Odelia (Little wealthy one)
    Odelina (Elfin spear)
    Odelinda (Little wealthy one)
    Odella (Little wealthy one)
    Odette (Elfin spear)
    Odiana (Elfin spear)
    Odiane (Elfin spear)
    Odila (Elfin spear)
    Odile (Elfin spear)
    Odilia (Little wealthy one)
    Olinda (Protector of property)
    Olinda (Defender of the land)
    Ordalf (Elfin spear)
    Ordella (Elfin spear)
    Orlantha (From the land)
    Orlantha (From the land)
    Ormanda (Of the sea)
    Otilie (Fortunate heroine)
    Otka (Fortunate heroine)
    Otthild (Fortunate heroine)
    Otthilda (Fortunate heroine)
    Otthilde (Fortunate heroine)
    Ottila (Fortunate heroine)
    Ottilia (Fortunate heroine)
    Otylia (Fortunate heroine)
    Ouisa (Warrior maiden)
    Ouise (Warrior maiden)
    Pepin (Perseverance)
    Perahta (Glorious)
    Petronilla (Rock)
    Petronille (Rock)
    Philipinna (Loves horses)
    Philippine (Loves horses)
    Rachel (Lamb)
    Resi (One who harvests)
    Ricarda (Powerful ruler)
    Richelle (Powerful ruler)
    Ricky (Powerful ruler)
    Rikki (Powerful ruler)
    Rilla (Brook)
    Rille (Brook)
    Rillia (Brook)
    Rillie (Brook)
    Roberta (Bright fame)
    Roch (Glory)
    Roderica (Famous one)
    Roderica (Famous ruler)
    Roderika (Famous ruler)
    Rolanda (From the famous land)
    Rolande (From the famous land)
    Romhild (Glorious battle maiden)
    Romhilda (Glorious battle maiden)
    Romhilde (Glorious battle maiden)
    Romilda (Glorious battle maiden)
    Romilde (Glorious battle maiden)
    Rosa (Noted protector)
    Rosamund (A garden of flowers)
    Rosemonde (Noted protector)
    Rosemunda (Noted protector)
    Rozmonda (Noted protector)
    Rozomund (Noted protector)
    Rudella (Famous)
    Rudelle (Famous)
    Ruomhildi (Glorious battle maiden)
    Rupette (Famous)
    Sarohildi (Armored battle maiden)
    Schmetterling (Butterfly)
    Schmetterling (Butterfly)
    Segelinde (Shield of victory)
    Selda (Famous warrior)
    Selma (Divine protector)
    Senta (Assistant)
    Senta (Assistant)
    Sente (Assistant)
    Serhild (Armored battle maiden)
    Serhilda (Armored battle maiden)
    Serihilda (Armored battle maiden)
    Serihilde (Armored battle maiden)
    Serilda (Armed maiden of war)
    Serilda (Armored battle maiden)
    Serilda (Armored battle maiden)
    Shianna (Unknown)
    Sigfreda (Victorious)
    Sigfrieda (Victorious)
    Sigfriede (Victorious)
    Sigilwig (Champion)
    Silke (The blind one)
    Solvig (Champion)
    Sonnenschein (Sunshine)
    Sonnenschein (Sunshine)
    Steffi (A garland or crown)
    Thrisha (Intellectual)
    Tibelda (The boldest)
    Tibelde (The boldest)
    Tibeldie (The boldest)
    Truda (Fighting woman)
    Trudchen (Fighting woman)
    Trude (From gertrude)
    Trudy (Adored warrior)
    Trula (TRUe)
    Tugenda (Virtue)
    Ula (Inherited estate)
    Uli (Mistress of all)
    Ulka (Mistress of all)
    Ulla (Has willpower)
    Ulrica (Wolf ruler)
    Ulrika (Wolf ruler)
    Ulrika (Wolf ruler)
    Ulrike (Mistress of all)
    Ulva (Wolf)
    Ulva (Wolf)
    Unna (Woman)
    Unna (Woman)
    Uschi (A female bear)
    Vala (Singled out)
    Valborga (Protecting ruler)
    Vanda (Wanderer)
    Vande (Wanderer)
    Verena (Protector)
    Verene (Protector)
    Verina (Protector)
    Viheke (Little woman)
    Viveka (Little woman)
    Walborgd (Protecting ruler)
    Walda (Ruler)
    Waldhurga (Protecting ruler)
    Wanda (Wanderer)
    Wanda (Wanderer)
    Wande (Wanderer)
    Wandis (Wanderer)
    Wandy (Wanderer)
    Warda (Guardian)
    Welda (Ruler)
    Wenda (Wanderer)
    Wendeline (Wanderer)
    Wendy (Wanderer)
    Wido (Warrior maiden)
    Wilda (Untamed)
    Wilde (Untamed)
    Wilhelmina (Resolute protector)
    Wilhelmine (Resolute protector)
    Wilma (Resolute protector)
    Wilmet (Protector)
    Winifred (Peaceful friend)
    Winifreda (Peaceful friend)
    Winifrid (Peaceful friend)
    Winifride (Peaceful friend)
    Winola (Gracious friend)
    Yseult (Ruler of ice)
    Zelda (Gray warrior)
    Zelda (Famous warrior)
    Zelinda (Shield of victory)
    Zelinda (Shield of victory)
    Zelma (Form of Selma)
    Faiga (A bird)
    Faiga (A bird)
    Farica (Chief of peace)
    Federica (Peaceful ruler)
    Felda (From the field)
    Felisberta (Intelligent)
    Fernanda (Adventurous)
    Franziska (Free)
    Fredda (Peaceful ruler)
    Frederica (Peaceful ruler)
    Fredericka (Peaceful ruler)
    Frederika (Peaceful ruler)
    Frederika (Peaceful ruler)
    Fredie (Peace, Joy)
    Fredrica (Peace)
    Fredricka (Peaceful ruler)
    Fredrika (Peaceful ruler)
    Freida (Peace, Joy)
    Frieda (Peace, joy)
    Frieda (Peace, joy)
    Friede (Peace, Joy)
    Friederike (Peaceful ruler)
    Gabriele (God's able-bodied one)
    Gaelle (Stranger)
    Galiana (Supreme One)
    Galiena (Haughty)
    Gari (Feminine of gary)
    Geneva (Of the race of women)
    Geneve (Of the race of women)
    Genevie (Of the race of women)
    Genivee (Of the race of women)
    Genoveva (White wave)
    Genowefa (White wave)
    Georgia (Farmer)
    Geraldina (Rules by the spear)
    Geralyn (Rules by the spear)
    Gerda (Protection)
    Gerde (Protected)
    Gerdie (Protected)
    Gerhardina (Mighty with a spear)
    Gerhardine (Mighty with a spear)
    Gerwalt (Mighty with a spear)
    Gerwalta (Mighty with a spear)
    Ghislaine (Pleasant oath)
    Gilberta (Hostage)
    Gisela (A pledge, Oath)
    Giselle (A pledge)
    Giselle (Pledge)
    Gisilberhta (Hostage)
    Gretchen (Little pearl)
    Gricelda (Gray; gray-haired)
    Griselde (Gray battle maiden)
    Grisella (Gray, Gray haired)
    Grisjahilde (Gray battle maiden)
    Griswalda (From the gray forest)
    Griswalde (From the gray forest)
    Grizelda (Endless patience)
    Gryselda (Gray, Gray haired)
    Gudrun (Divine knowledge)
    Gudruna (Divine knowledge)
    Guida (Guide)
    Guilaine (Pleasant oath)
    Gunilla (Battle maiden)
    Gunnel (Battle maiden)
    Gustel (Noble)
    Hadu (Vigorous battle maiden)
    Haduwig (Strife)
    Halag (Pious)
    Halfrid (Peaceful heroine)
    Halfrida (Peaceful heroine)
    Halifrid (Peaceful heroine)
    Hannelore (Gracious)
    Harimanna (Warrior maiden)
    Harimanne (Warrior maiden)
    Harriet (Home ruler)
    Hazen (Considerate)
    Hedda (Vigorous battle maiden)
    Hedwig (Refuge in battle)
    Hedy (Strife)
    Heida (Noble)
    Heide (Sweet, Noble)
    Heidi (Noble, kind)
    Heidi (Honorable)
    Helene (Bright one, Torchlight)
    Helga (Pious)
    Helma (Protective)
    Henriella (Rules the home)
    Henrietta (Ruler of the home)
    Henrietta (Rules her household)
    Henriette (Ruler of the house)
    Herta (Of the earth)
    Hertha (Of the earth)
    Hida (Warrior)
    Hide (Warrior)
    Hild (Noble)
    Hildagarde (Warfare)
    Hilde (Noble)
    Hildemar (Glorious)
    Hildemara (Glorious)
    Hildimar (Glorious)
    Hildireth (Battle counselor)
    Hildreth (Battle counselor)
    Hilma (Protective)
    Holda (Beloved)
    Holde (Beloved)
    Holle (Beloved)
    Huberta (Intelligent)
    Huela (Fem form of hugh)
    Hugiherahta (Intelligent)
    Hulda (Beloved)
    Hulde (Beloved)
    Hylda (Warfare)
    Ida (Active)
    Idaia (Active)
    Idalie (Active)
    Idetta (Hardworking)
    Idette (Hard working)
    Idna (Active)
    Idonia (Industrious)
    Idonia (Industrious)
    Ilsa (Devoted to God)
    Ilse (Short for Elizabeth)
    Ilse (Consecrated to god)
    Ilyse (Noble)
    Irma (Complete one)
    Irmgard (War Goddess)
    Irmigard (War goddess)
    Irmina (War Goddess)
    Irmine (War goddess)
    Irmuska (War Goddess)
    Isa (Strong willed)
    Isabel (God's oath)
    Isabella (God's oath)
    Isabelle (God's oath)
    Isana (Strong willed)
    Isane (Strong willed)
    Isold (Rule of ice)
    Isolda (Rule of ice)
    Isole (Rule of ice)
    Jakoba (Feminine form of Jakoh)
    Jakobe (Supplanter)
    Jakobie (Feminine form of Jakoh)
    Jarvia (Spear-keen)
    Jarvia (Spear-keen)
    Jarvinia (Keen intelligence)
    Jenell (Knowledge)
    Jeni (Knowledge)
    Johanna (Gracious)
    Johannah (Variant of Joan)
    Jolan (CountIy)
    Jolanka (County)
    Joli (CountIy)
    Josefa (Feminine of Joseph)
    Kaethe (Pure)
    Kalona (Amish town)
    Kari (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Karla (Strong and womanly)
    Karlee (Strong)
    Karleen (Womanly: strength)
    Karleigh (Womanly: strength)
    Karlen (Womanly: strength)
    Karlene (Womanly: strength)
    Karlesha (Womanly: strength)
    Karley (Womanly: strength)
    Karli (Womanly: strength)
    Karlie (Womanly: strength)
    Karlin (Womanly: strength)
    Karlina (Womanly: strength)
    Karline (Womanly: strength)
    Karly (Womanly; strength)
    Karlyn (Womanly: strength)
    Karo (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Karola (Strong)
    Karolina (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Karoline (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Karolyna (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Karolyne (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Karri (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Karrie (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Kathe (Pure, Innocent)
    Katrina (Pure)
    Kerrie (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Kerrolyn (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Kerry (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Kerstin (Follower of Christ)
    Kharmen (Proud and sensitive)
    Kikka (Mistress of all)
    Klara (Bright and famous)
    Konstanze (Steadfast)
    Kuonrada (Wise)
    Landra (Counselor)
    Lena (Child of light, Bitter)
    Lene (Child of light, Bitter)
    Lenya (Little angel)
    Leoda (Of the people)
    Leoma (Brave woman)
    Leonie (Lioness)
    Leopolda (Bold leader)
    Leopolda (Of the people)
    Leopoldina (Of the people)
    Leopoldine (Of the people)
    Leota (Of the people)
    Leyna (Little angel)
    Leyna (Little angel)
    Leyns (Little angel)
    Libby (God's oath)
    Liese (Form of Elizabeth)
    Lieselotte (Beloved by God)
    Liesl (Form of Elizabeth)
    Lina (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Lind (Snake)
    Linda (Snake)
    Lindie (Snake)
    Lisa (Devoted to God)
    Lisbeth (God's oath)
    Lise (Devoted to God)
    Lisette (Devoted to God)
    Liusadh (Warrior maiden)
    Liz (God's oath)
    Liza (God's oath)
    Lizzie (God's oath)
    Lizzy (God's oath)
    Lois (Warrior maiden)
    Loise (Warrior maiden)
    Lora (A laurel wreath)
    Lorah (The laurel tree)
    Loraine (Made famous in battle)
    Lore (A laurel wreath)
    Lorelai (Variant of Lorelei)
    Lorelei (From the Rhine River)
    Lorelei (Alluring)
    Loretta (Where Lothar dwells)
    Lorette (Where Lothar dwells)
    Lori (Where Lothar dwells)
    Lorita (The laurel tree)
    Lorna (Where Lothar dwells)
    Lorne (Where Lothar dwells)
    Lorraine (Where Lothar dwells)
    Lorraine (Warrior maiden)
    Lorrie (Where Lothar dwells)
    Lorry (Where Lothar dwells)
    Lotte (Masculine)
    Lou (Warrior maiden)
    Louanna (Gracious warrior)
    Louisa (Fights with honor)
    Louisane (Renowned warrior)
    Louise (Warrior maiden)
    Louise (Renowned warrior)
    Louisiana (Warrior maiden)
    Lovisa (Renowned warrior)
    Loyce (Renowned warrior)
    Lu (Warrior maiden)
    Luana (Warrior maiden)
    Luane (Warrior maiden)
    Lucina (Illumination)
    Ludkhannah (Graceful battle maiden)
    Luete (Of the people)
    Luijzika (Renowned warrior)
    Luisa (Warrior maiden)
    Lujza (Renowned warrior)
    Lulie (Warrior maiden)
    Lurleen (Temptress)
    Lurlene (Temptress)
    Lurlina (Temptress)
    Lurline (Temptress)
    Luwana (Warrior maiden)
    Lysa (From the name lisa)
    Lyssa (Noble, Truth)
    Ada (Joyful)
    Adal (Sweet or noble)
    Adalgisa (Noble hostage)
    Adalgisal (Noble hostage)
    Adalheida (Sweet or noble)
    Adali (Noble)
    Adalicia (Of the nobility, Noble)
    Adalie (Noble)
    Adaliz (Of the nobility, Noble)
    Adalwolfa (Noble she wolf)
    Addie (Surname)
    Adela (Pleasant, Noble)
    Adelaide (Noble, kind)
    Adele (Pleasant)
    Adelgiese (Noble hostage)
    Adelheid (Sweet or noble)
    Adelheide (Sweet, Noble)
    Adelina (Noble, Sweet)
    Adelinda (Sweet or noble)
    Adeline (Sweet, Noble)
    Adelisa (Of the nobility, Noble)
    Adelita (Sweet or noble)
    Adelle (Noble, Sweet)
    Adelyte (Has good humor)
    Adette (Noble, Sweet)
    Adie (Noble, kind)
    Adolfa (Noble wolf, Noble hero)
    Adolfina (Noble wolf, Noble hero)
    Adolpha (Noble she wolf)
    Adrian (Dark)
    Adriane (Dark)
    Agatha (Good)
    Agathe (Good)
    Agneta (Pure)
    Agneta (Pure)
    Aili (Sweet)
    Ailis (Sweet)
    Ailse (Sweet)
    Al (Noble, Truth)
    Alarica (Rules all)
    Alarice (All ruler)
    Alberta (Noble and brigt)
    Albertyne (Intelligent)
    Alda (Old)
    Aldona (Archaic)
    Aleda (Ancient)
    Alese (Beautiful soul)
    Alessa (Noble, Truth)
    Alexis (Noble, Truth)
    Alfonsine (Noble)
    Alfreda (Wise counsel)
    Ali (Noble, Truth)
    Alice (Noble, Truth)
    Alicia (Sweet)
    Alida (Ancient)
    Alika (Noble, Truth)
    Aliki (Noble, Truth)
    Alisa (Noble, Truth)
    Alise (Noble, Truth)
    Alisha (Noble, Truth)
    Alishea (Noble, Truth)
    Alison (Noble, Truth)
    Alissa (Noble, Truth)
    Alisz (Noble, Truth)
    Alix (Noble, Truth)
    Aliz (Noble, Truth)
    Aliza (God's oath)
    Allaryce (Noble ruler)
    Allie (Of noble birth)
    Allison (Noble, Truth)
    Allison (Of a noble kind)
    Ally (Noble, Truth)
    Allyson (Of noble birth)
    Allyssa (Noble, Truth)
    Aloisia (Famous fighting)
    Alonsa (Eager)
    Aloysia (Famous warrior)
    Alphonsine (Noble)
    Alseia (Noble, Truth)
    Alva (Army of elves)
    Alvar (Army of elves)
    Alvara (Army of elves)
    Alvarie (Army of elves)
    Alvie (Army of elves)
    Alyce (Noble, Truth)
    Alyda (Ancient)
    Alys (Sweet)
    Alyse (Noble, Truth)
    Alysha (Noble, Truth)
    Alyshia (Noble, Truth)
    Alyson (Noble, Truth)
    Alyssa (Noble, Truth)
    Amalasand (Industrious)
    Amalda (Eagle or strong)
    Amara (Eternal)
    Amarande (Eternal)
    Analiese (From anna & lisa)
    Analise (From analiese)
    Angelika (Like an angel)
    Annalise (Gracious)
    Annamaria (Bitter grace)
    Annelise (Gracious)
    Annemarie (Bitter grace)
    Annora (With honor)
    Antje (Grace)
    Antonie (Priceless)
    Arabel (Beautiful eagle)
    Arabella (Beautiful eagle)
    Arabelle (Beautiful eagle)
    Ararinda (Tenacious)
    Arilda (A hearth maiden)
    Arleigh (Meadow of the hares)
    Arlise (God's oath)
    Armina (Warrior maiden)
    Ava (A bird)
    Avaset (Bird)
    Baldhart (Bold or strong)
    Bathild (Heroine)
    Bathilda (Heroine)
    Bathilde (Heroine)
    Berdina (Glorious)
    Berdine (Glorious)
    Berit (Bright, glorious)
    Berit (Glorious, intelligent)
    Bern (Brave as a bear)
    Bernadete (Brave as a bear)
    Bernadette (Bold as a bear)
    Bernadina (Brave as a bear)
    Bernadine (Brave as a bear)
    Bernie (Brave as a bear)
    Berta (Glorious, Intelligent)
    Bertha (Intelligent, Bright)
    Bertina (Intelligent)
    Bess (God's oath)
    Beth (God's oath)
    Betsy (God's oath)
    Bette (God's oath)
    Bettie (God's oath)
    Betty (God's oath)
    Blas (Firebrand)
    Blasa (Firebrand)
    Bluma (A flower, bloom)
    Bluma (Flower, Bloom)
    Brenda (Fiery hill)
    Brenunda (Fiery hill)
    Bruna (Of the dark hair)
    Brune (Of the dark hair)
    Brunhild (Dark, Noble)
    Brunhilda (Dark or noble)
    Brunhilde (Dark, Noble)
    Calla (Chatter)
    Callan (Chatter)
    Cara (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carey (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carleigh (Freeholder)
    Carly (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Caro (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carol (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carolina (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Caroline (Strong, melody, song)
    Caroline (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carolyn (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carolyne (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carra (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carrie (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Carry (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Cary (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Cecania (Free)
    Ceray (Strong, Melody, Song)
    Chamyle (Variant of Camille)
    Chay (Man)
    Chay (A man)
    Cheryl (Beloved, Dear, Darling)
    Chloris (Pale)
    Chloris (Pale)
    Chriselda (Strong)
    Clarimonda (Brilliant protectress)
    Clarimonde (Brilliant protectress)
    Claudette (Feminine of Claude)
    Claudia (Lame)
    Claudine (Feminine of Claude)
    Clay (Adhere, Mortal)
    Clayborne (Adhere, Mortal)
    Clayland (Adhere, Mortal)
    Clayton (Adhere, Mortal)
    Cloris (Pale)
    Clotilde (Heroine)
    Conradina (Brave)
    Conradine (Bold)
    Dagna (A splendid day)
    Dagna (A splendid day)
    Dagomar (Glorious day)
    Dame (Lady)
    Dame (A lady)
    Dell (Noble)
    Della (Bright Noble)
    Delma (Noble protector)
    Delmi (Noble protector)
    Delmira (Noble protector)
    Delmy (Noble protector)
    Derica (Beloved leader)
    Didrika (Folk rule)
    Dietlinde (Unknown)
    Eadaion (Joyous friendship)
    Earnestine (Earnest, Vigorous)
    Eartha (The earth)
    Edda (Vigorous battle maiden)
    Edelina (Gracious)
    Ediline (Gracious)
    Elfrida (Peaceful ruler)
    Elica (Noble)
    Elisabeth (God's oath)
    Elisabeth (God's oath)
    Elise (God's oath)
    Elizabeth (God's oath)
    Elke (Noble, Truth)
    Ellie (God's oath)
    Ellyzabeth (God's oath)
    Elma (God's protection)
    Eloise (Warrior maiden)
    Elpeth (God's oath)
    Elrica (The ruler of all)
    Elsa (God's oath)
    Elsbeth (God's oath)
    Else (Noble)
    Elsese (Noble (Elsa, Elsie)
    Elsha (Noble)
    Elsie (Consecrated to god)
    Elsje (Noble)
    Elyse (God's oath)
    Elysia (God's oath)
    Ema (Serious)
    Emaline (Industrious, Eager)
    Emelia (Industrious, Eager)
    Emelie (Industrious)
    Emelyn (Industrious, Eager)
    Emera (Industrious leader)
    Emestina (Serious)
    Emestine (Serious)
    Emilia (Industrious, Eager)
    Emiline (Industrious, Eager)
    Emily (Industrious, eager)
    Emmylou (Whole or complete)
    Emyln (Industrious, Eager)
    Engelbertha (Bright angel)
    Engelbertina (Bright angel)
    Engelbertine (Bright angel)
    Engleberta (Bright angel)
    Enrica (Ever-powerful)
    Eraman (Honorable)
    Eramana (Honorable)
    Erica (Ever-powerful)
    Ericka (Ever-powerful)
    Erika (Ever-powerful)
    Erma (Complete War goddess)
    Erna (Earnest, Vigorous)
    Ernesta (Earnest, Vigorous)
    Ernestina (Serious, Determined)
    Ernestine (Earnest, vigorous)
    Ertha (The earth)
    Eryka (Ever-powerful)
    Ethel (Noble)
    Ethelinda (Noble serpent)
    Etta (Little one)
    Evonna (Archer)
    Evony (Archer)


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